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Telford & Reel Service Group
Reel Service Limited ("Reel Service") become the first Tape & Reel company in the U.K.
Reel Service formed 2nd facility in Germany, Reel Service GmbH.

Started the manufacturing of "Thistle" Carrier Tape in Reel Service.

Telford industries Pte Ltd ("Telford") commenced the Tape & Reel services to Printed Circuit Board Assembly ("PCBA") manufacturers.

Reel Service formed 3rd facility in Singapore, Reel Service Singapore Pte Ltd.

Reel Service formed 4th facility in San Jose, Reel Service Inc.

Started the manufacturing of "Thistle" Carrier Tape in Reel Service Singapore Pte Ltd.
Reel Service achieved BS5750 Pt 1(ISO 9001).

Reel Service Singapore Pte Ltd achieved ISO 9002.

Telford established TQS in Johor, Malaysia.

Telford expanded its business into designing and manufacturing of Taping and De-taping machines in Singapore, installing more than 300 units under STI label.


Telford set up second operation in Penang, Malaysia.

Reel Service GmbH achieved ISO 9002.

Reel Service Inc. achieved ISO 9002.

Reel Service started the manufacturing of "Thistle" Carrier Tape in Reel Service Inc.


Reel Service introduced the KLIK™ conductive and static dissipative reusable reels.


Reel Service formed 5th facility in the Philippines, Reel Service (Philippines), Inc., for Tape & Reel and started manufacturing of"Thistle" Carrier Tape.

Reel Service achieved "Investors In People" accreditation.

Reel Service Inc. moved to new facility in Santa Clara.


Reel Service (Philippines), Inc. achieved ISO 9002.


Telford was incorporated under ASTI Holdings Limited ("ASTI") to become one of its subsidiaries. The ASTI Group is listed in Singapore Stock Exchange SESDAQ Board in June 1999.

Reel Service introduced 15" (380mm) diameter Klik reel in 4" and 6" hub sizes.

Reel Service introduced 13" (330mm) diameter Klik reel in 6" and 7" hub sizes.


Acquisition of 60% stake in Reel Service Limited, a manufacturer and service provider. The acquisition will provide ASTI with a global network of facilities covering Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States.

Telford Group expanded into Philippines - Telford Svc. Phils. Inc. ("Telford Phils"). Telford Phils offer back-end semiconductor manufacturing services such as taping, de-taping as well as inspection and other related activities.


Reel Service began programming services.

Reel introduction of Advanced Integrated Materials ("AIM") as dedicated materials subdivision.


AIM introduces MicroTape for Chip Scale and Bare Die devices.

AIM awarded a major multi-year contract for the supply of carrier tape materials to a world-leading manufacturer of digital signaling and analog technologies.


Telford expanded its Tape & Reel packaging operations in Thailand - Telford Service (Thailand) Co., Ltd ("Telford Thailand").


Telford expanded its Tape & Reel and Programming Services facility in Shanghai, China - Telford Manufacturing Service Shanghai Ltd (“Telford Shanghai”).


Today, Telford & Reel Service Group has grown to be the world’s largest Tape & Reel service provider. Backed with several years of experience in offering Tape & Reel service, the Group has grown steadily over the years with customers ranging from well-established OEMs to contract manufacturers and component distributors.

Telford & Reel Service Group offers services ranging from Tape & Reel packaging for standard and odd shape devices to fine pitch packages Tube/ Tray to Embossed Tapes. In addition, the Group offers baking and dry packing for moisture sensitive devices. They also perform vision inspection for lead profile and marks, and provide de-taping and lead conditioning services.

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